Tuesday, 10 May 2011

ExpoPromo Group Becomes an Associate Member of UFI

London, 10 May 2011 - ExpoPromo Group Ltd, the owner of ExpoPromoter – the largest online Affiliate Network for business events organisers – has been accepted as an Associate Member of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The decision was taken at a UFI Executive Committee meeting held on 26 March in New Delhi.

UFI is the leading global association of trade fair organisers and exhibition venue operators, representing over 550 member organisations in 84 countries. As well as supporting national and international expo industry partners, it carries out promotion, research and training. The Association’s Approved Event scheme provides a widelyrecognised quality guarantee for both exhibitors at, and visitors to, an event.

UFI membership will enable the ExpoPromoter team to play a greater role in contributing to the industry’s development, through knowledge sharing. The team will also have an enhanced ability to provide individual partners with cutting-edge tools to promote and organise events. Membership also has multiple benefits for ExpoPromoter: the opportunity to network with a wide range of expo professionals; to be kept informed about industry developments; to share best practices; and to gain insight on how to provide the best
possible services for our clients.

In the words of Hennadiy Netyaha, CEO of ExpoPromo Group Ltd
By joining UFI we now have a great opportunity to share information about the solutions we offer with key exhibition industry players. We operate an internet-based Affiliate Network, an efficient and user-friendly vehicle for increasing numbers of exhibition promoters, visitors and ultimately buyers. We not only promote events, but are also aware of the importance of visitor loyalty – and we help organisers build such loyalty with a range of online services. We are excited about upcoming discussions with industry partners which will allow us to develop our products to even better match our users’ needs.

More than 82, 000 events are currently posted on the ExpoPromoter Affiliate Network. Any event organiser can, with a single click, add an exhibition to the ExpoPromoter.com calendar, as well as the calendars of more than 700 of our web partners. The number of visitors to network sites continues to grow – last month the Affiliate Network recorded 2,295,598 unique page views.

ExpoPromo Group, which is headquartered in London, has representative offices in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. ExpoPromoter receives technical support from its office in Ukraine.