Monday, 28 November 2011

20 Reasons to Use Online Registration and E-ticketing Service For Your Event

Do you still hesitate whether to set up online registration and e-ticketing solution  on your event website? Leave all your doubts behind and empower your event web site with new functions. Here are at least 20 reasons to do it.
  1. Free online registration service
  2. Increase in visitor’s loyalty
  3. Customization of Registration form according to your wishes
  4. Automation of online visitor registration and e-ticketing process with generation of unique QR-code
  5. Involve less personnel to process registration data
  6. Adjustable E-Ticket/Badge with additional info blocks (add logos, hall plan, maps…)
  7. Ticket sale widget design customisation to fit in event’s web site
  8. Creation of different types of tickets (visitor, participant, press, student…)
  9. More than 90 payment options for international and local visitors
  10. Promo codes set up
  11. Free check-in software
  12. No lines at the entrance
  13. Time-saving
  14. Real time notifications for every registration
  15. Customization of visitor notifications
  16. In-depth visitor registration and attendance statistics – before, during and after the event
  17. Automated data base arrangement for later use
  18. Placement of ticket sale widget or a link to the registration form at event web site and at the websites of your partners
  19. Technical support
  20. Commission charged only on tickets sold
All these advantages are available within TicketForEvent online registration and e-ticketing service. In addition, have your tickets sold via ExpoPromoter affiliate network (800+ B2B web sites).

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